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Coming Exhibition

Portraits by Sjors Oostdam

Sjors Oostdam lives in Amsterdam, 28 years old and is a professional photographer. In his spare time he likes to draw. Mainly portraits.

But don't be fooled! The portraits may have eyes, ears, teeth, all these components that make a face, but not in a way you expect them to be. 

Your first thought is, what on earth am I looking at??

But then, when he takes you through his portrait, and when you can see where it is going you are left slightly dazzled. 

When he starts  drawing, he does not know in advance what he is going to make. The first lines he puts random on paper.

Along the way with these first lines he imagines an image. If he fails doing so, he draws as long until he does see an image. ' I never allow myself to start again ' .

Sjors doesn't own unfinished or failed drawings. 

He works only with markers on purpose. Each line is continuously drawn and, therefore, must be used at all times.

" Watch yourself "  

On the left you see a bird holding an eye in his beak. This is a self-reflective look back at the animal it in fact belongs to. Do not be distracted by the details but look at the whole. If you look closely you can see a monkey holding his own eye.

His work will be exhibited at the Mini Shopping Center of Cool from

March 31 2017 - May 25 2017

Opening night Friday March 31

18:00 - 21:00

Current Exibition

WARDROBE by Kenneth Jaworski

Kenneth Jaworski’s Wardrobe series explores expression and spontaneity within a minimal geometric system. Combining his experience in graphic design, interior architecture, and fine art. Selected works on paper, and a public piece 'Hercules'  size 320 - 180 cm.